2222 - CURZATE 60DF, 5 x 1.8 kg

For potato growers, Curzate™ fungicide is the heart of an effective preventative late blight program. It’s highly effective because of its preventative, post-infection and antisporulant activity. Curzate delivers unique kick-back action and deals with disease at the point of infection.
Product Info
Product Number:2222Flash Point:NA
Product Type:FungicidesBoiling Point:NA
PCP #:26284Cases / Skid:40
Subject to GST:
TDG Regulated:No
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    Name     Case Size     PCP#     Language     Form     Label Type     Date Issued     Date Updated
Hide details for CURZATE 60DFCURZATE 60DF
5 x 1.8 kg26284EnglishMSDS04/12/202211/21/2022
5 x 1.8 kg26284FrenchMSDS04/12/202205/19/2023
5 x 1.8 kg26284EnglishLabelLabel10/07/202206/27/2023
5 x 1.8 kg26284FrenchLabelLabel10/07/202206/27/2023