3143 - ENVIDOR, 4 x 3 L

Envidor® is the first miticide to control all economically important mites at all life stages (egg, nymph and adult (female only)). It is from a new class of chemistry called the tetronic acids. Envidor is easy on beneficials, very stable in sunlight, is active under a broad temperature range, and comes in an easy to use liquid. It also has a high affinity for waxy surfaces, is rainfast as soon as dry and provides extended residual protection.
Product Info
Product Number:3143Flash Point:NA
Product Type:MiticidesBoiling Point:NA
PCP #:28051Cases / Skid:12
Subject to GST:
TDG Regulated:No
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4 x 3 L28051EnglishLabelLabel02/02/202102/18/2021
4 x 3 L28051EnglishMSDS09/25/202004/16/2021
4 x 3 L28051FrenchLabelLabel02/02/202102/18/2021
4 x 3 L28051FrenchMSDS10/26/201811/20/2019