1700 - BELEAF 50SG, 6 x 680 g

Beleaf insecticide has a unique mode of action that specifically targets aphids, key pests that impact quality and yield. Beleaf is effective for piercing and sucking pest control, yet it is soft on beneficial insects such as bees and predator mites.
Product Info
Product Number:1700Flash Point:NA
Product Type:InsecticidesBoiling Point:NA
PCP #:29796Cases / Skid:24
Subject to GST:
TDG Regulated:No
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Hide details for BELEAF 50SGBELEAF 50SG
6 x 680 g29796FrenchLabelLabel06/29/202109/22/2021
6 x 680 g29796FrenchMSDS10/25/201804/15/2019
6 x 680 g29796EnglishLabelLabel06/29/202109/22/2021
6 x 680 g29796EnglishMSDS10/25/201804/15/2019