2213 - CONFIRM 240F, 2 x 10 L

ConfirmĀ® 240F Insecticide contains the active ingredient tebufenozide which is active against insects in the Lepidoptera family order. It is not active against insects in any other insect order. Therefore, it will not affect beneficial species, including pollinators such as bees.
Product Info
Product Number:2213Flash Point:NA
Product Type:InsecticidesBoiling Point:NA
PCP #:24503Cases / Skid:36
Subject to GST:
TDG Regulated:No
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Hide details for CONFIRM 240FCONFIRM 240F
2 x 10 L24503FrenchMSDS05/18/2011
2 x 10 L24503EnglishMSDS06/03/201307/16/2014
2 x 10 L24503EnglishLabelLabel10/25/202112/13/2021
2 x 10 L24503FrenchLabelLabel10/25/202112/13/2021