1022 - ACROBAT 50WP, 8 x 1.81 kg

Power-up your protectant against late blight, tuber blight and downy mildew.
Tank-mixed with a registered protectant fungicide, Acrobat’s active ingredient controls disease by rupturing fungal cell walls.
  • Acrobat is active at all fungal stages within the life cycle where active growth occurs.
  • Acrobat’s anti-sporulant activity prevents in-field and field-to-field disease spread.
  • Acrobat is highly systemic and rainfast within 1 hour.
Product Info
Product Number:1022Flash Point:NA
Product Type:FungicidesBoiling Point:NA
PCP #:27700Cases / Skid:24
Subject to GST:
TDG Regulated:No
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