1060 - ADMIRE 240FL, 8 x 1 L

Admire® has been an important product for Canadian potato growers for over 10 years. It provides economical, broad-spectrum control of many important insects in many different crops, most notably potatoes. The recommended use pattern in potatoes is in the soil (in-furrow or seed-piece treatment). This will provide extended control of Colorado potato beetle, aphids, potato leafhopper and potato flea beetle.

CropPestLast Date of Use
Crop group 9: CucurbitsCucumber beetleApril 11, 2022
Crop Group 13-07A: CaneberriesEuropean chafer & Japanese beetleApril 11, 2022
Crop Group 13-07B: BushberriesEuropean chafer & Japanese beetleApril 11, 2022
Crop Group 13-07G: Low growing berriesEuropean chafer April 11, 2022
Crop Group 13-07B: Bushberries (except blueberry);
Crop Group 13-07G: Low growing berries (except cranberry and blueberry)
LeafhoppersApril 11, 2022
Crop Group 19-A: HerbsLeafhoppersApril 11, 2022
CropPestLast Date of Use
Ginseng (soil drench)European ChaferMay 19, 2025

Product Info
Product Number:1060Flash Point:93.3°C
Product Type:InsecticidesBoiling Point:NA
PCP #:24094Cases / Skid:10
Subject to GST:
TDG Regulated:No
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8 x 1 L24094FrenchMSDS03/16/201804/10/2019
8 x 1 L24094EnglishMSDS07/25/202007/29/2020
8 x 1 L24094EnglishLabelLabel09/27/202110/21/2021
8 x 1 L24094FrenchLabelLabel09/27/202110/21/2021