7078 - XIAMETER (Sylgard), 4 x 4 L

XIAMETER SILICONE SURFACTANT is a silicone polyether copolymer developed and patented by Dow Corning to enhance the effectiveness of herbicides. Xiameter works by breaking down the surface tension that causes water-based pesticides to bead up on leaves. Just add the recommended rate of Xiameter to your spray to encourage complete and rapid absorption by the plant.
Product Info
Product Number:7078Flash Point:100°C
Product Type:AdjuvantsBoiling Point:65°C
PCP #:23078Cases / Skid:40
Subject to GST:
TDG Regulated:No
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4 x 4 L23078FrenchLabelLabel09/17/201804/04/2019
4 x 4 L23078EnglishLabelLabel09/17/201804/04/2019
4 x 4 L23078EnglishMSDS11/01/201604/04/2019
4 x 4 L23078FrenchMSDS11/01/201604/04/2019