5725 - SEVIN XLR, 2 x 10 L

SEVIN brand carbaryl insecticide provides broad-spectrum control of dozens of important pests including beetles, weevils and worms in tree fruit, nut, vine, citrus vegetable and other crops. SEVIN is also used in apple production as an important tool for reducing fruit set and improving grower pack out.
Product Info
Product Number:5725Flash Point:NA
Product Type:Fruit ThinnersBoiling Point:NA
PCP #:27876Cases / Skid:36
Subject to GST:
TDG Regulated:No
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Hide details for SEVIN XLRSEVIN XLR
2 x 10 L27876FrenchMSDS08/17/201201/11/2016
2 x 10 L27876EnglishLabelLabel - Booklet12/17/201901/17/2020
2 x 10 L27876FrenchLabelLabel12/17/201901/17/2020
2 x 10 L27876EnglishMSDS10/30/201504/17/2019