5425 - PICCOLO, 12 x 1 L

Featuring the popular active ingredient paclobutrazol, Piccolo brings out the best in ornamentals by producing compact, consistent quality plants. By delivering outstanding height and radius control, Piccolo enhances the quality of bedding plants, plugs, geraniums, pointsettias and pot chrysanthemums making them easier to market and more profitable to produce. 
Product Info
Product Number:5425Flash Point:NA
Product Type:Growth RegulatorsBoiling Point:NA
PCP #:28400Cases / Skid:50
Subject to GST:
TDG Regulated:No
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12 x 1 L28400EnglishLabelLabel11/06/201904/20/2020
12 x 1 L28400FrenchMSDS05/19/201711/12/2019
12 x 1 L28400EnglishMSDS05/19/201711/12/2019
12 x 1 L28400FrenchLabelLabel11/06/201904/20/2020