1045 - ADHERE, 2 x 10 L

ADHERE™ is a utility modifier designed to reduce the likelihood of off-target spray.
ADHERE technology is Pinolene® based. Pinolenes are natural terpenes (conifer resins), which emulsify in water to form a film polymer. This polymer layer attaches to the leaf or fruit surfaces and widens the conditions under which a control product is useful.
Product Info
Product Number:1045Flash Point:NA
Product Type:AdjuvantsBoiling Point:NA
PCP #:Cases / Skid:0
Subject to GST:*
TDG Regulated:No
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2 x 10 LFrenchLabelLabel04/23/2015
2 x 10 LEnglishMSDS02/14/201203/13/2015
2 x 10 LEnglishLabelLabel06/13/2012
2 x 10 LFrenchMSDS02/14/201206/03/2014