5225 - PERLAN, 8 x 2 L

Combining ultra-pure GA4 with 6-BA, Perlan is the leading PGR for the production of typy Red Delicious apples. In addition, orchard trials show that Perlan increases fruit size with minimal inhibition of return bloom.
Product Info
Product Number:5225Flash Point:106°C
Product Type:Fruit ThinnersBoiling Point:NA
PCP #:29187Cases / Skid:36
Subject to GST:
TDG Regulated:No
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8 x 2 L29187EnglishMSDS05/19/201711/14/2019
8 x 2 L29187FrenchMSDS05/19/201711/14/2019
8 x 2 L29187FrenchLabelLabel03/01/2009
8 x 2 L29187EnglishLabelLabel03/20/200903/05/2014