2027 - CALYPSO 480SC, 8 x 1.78 L

The first new truly broad spectrum insecticide for apple and pear growers since the organophosphates in the 1960's, Calypso® brings with it a new level of insect control. Thiacloprid, the active ingredient in Calypso, controls Oriental fruit moth, apple maggot, mullein bug (campylomma), plum curculio, spotted tentiform leafminer and leafhopper.
Product Info
Product Number:2027Flash Point:NA
Product Type:InsecticidesBoiling Point:NA
PCP #:28429Cases / Skid:10
Subject to GST:
TDG Regulated:No
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Hide details for CALYPSO 480SCCALYPSO 480SC
8 x 1.78 L28429FrenchLabelLabel11/18/201104/09/2014
8 x 1.78 L28429EnglishLabelLabel12/31/201903/25/2020
8 x 1.78 L28429FrenchMSDS11/09/201811/20/2019
8 x 1.78 L28429EnglishMSDS11/09/201801/17/2019