5915 - SHUTTLE 15 SC, 12 x 1 L

SHUTTLE delivers rapid knockdown and excellent control of two-spotted spider and spruce spider mites and it's effective on mites at all life stages, so you can apply any time of the growing season. SHUTTLE is easy on predatory mites, honeybees and other beneficial species. Plus, SHUTTLE features the active ingredient - Acequinocyl - with a unique mode of action making it an ideal choice to help manage mite resistance on your ornamental plants.
Product Info
Product Number:5915Flash Point:NA
Product Type:MiticidesBoiling Point:NA
PCP #:28640Cases / Skid:4
Subject to GST:
TDG Regulated:No
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12 x 1 L28640FrenchMSDS08/18/202211/21/2022
12 x 1 L28640EnglishMSDS08/18/202211/21/2022
12 x 1 L28640FrenchLabelLabel12/02/202107/11/2022
12 x 1 L28640EnglishLabelLabel12/02/202107/11/2022